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San Rafael DUI Lawyer

DUI arrests are a priority for the San Rafael Police Department, Marin County Sheriff's Office and California Highway Patrol. A DUI arrest in Marin County is serious criminal case which initiates a separate California Department of Motor Vehicles driver's license suspension action. For that reason, you should read the information contained in this website and seriously consider hiring an attorney specializing in representing good people who have made the mistake of driving after drinking in Marin County. After reading the information in the pages which follow, feel free to call Robert Tayac if you have any questions or want an attorney for yourself, a family member or anyone you know who has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in San Rafael or any other Marin County community.

Marin County DUI arrests initiate two separate cases. The first DUI case is a criminal case and will be prosecuted by the Marin County District Attorney's office at the Marin County courthouse in San Rafael. The second DUI case is a DMV license suspension action which will be prosecuted by the California DMV Driver Safety Office located at 1377 Fell Street in San Francisco .

The consequences of a Marin County DUI conviction are severe and may result in a driver's license suspension, probation, mandatory DUI school attendance, fines, and increased insurance premiums. Additional consequence may be imposed if you work in law enforcement, are a fire fighter, nurse, physician or lawyer.

A second Marin County DUI conviction will result in jail and mandatory impound of the driver's car. Although Robert Tayac's goal is to win the Marin County DUI case, as an experienced DUI lawyer he will minimize the impact of a conviction to the full extent possible and ensure the case is properly handled.

California DUI laws are very complex and frequently change. For that reason it is important to hire a specialist Marin County DUI Lawyer.  Robert Tayac is a highly experienced attorney who specializes in representing people who have been arrested for driving after drinking in Novato and charged with Marin County DUI. He has received specialized training from the San Francisco Police Department, California DUI Lawyers' Association, National College of DUI Defense and California Public Defenders' Association. As well, Robert Tayac coauthored the DUI law book, California Drunk Driving Defense. There simply is no DUI attorney anywhere who will obtain a better result for you in the Marin County DUI criminal case and California DMV license suspension action.

Robert Tayac represents people who have been arrested for driving under the influence in the following communities:

Belvedere, Bolinas, Corte Madera, Dillon Beach, Dogtown, Fairfax, Greenbrae, Inverness, Inverness Park, Kentfield, Lagunitas-Forest Knolls, Larkspur, Marin City, Marshall, Mill Valley, Muir Beach, Nicasio, Novato, Olema, Point Reyes Station, Ross, San Anselmo, San Geronimo, San Rafael, Sausalito, Stinson Beach, Tiburon, Tomales, Woodacre.